Dr. Susan Carroll can help you complete your dissertation research.

I received my Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut in 1981. While a doctoral candidate, I was awarded a UCONN research assistantship. In this role, I assisted my professors teaching of graduate level statistics courses and also offered research and dissertation consultation to faculty and students on their research projects. During my doctoral career, I was selected by the Ford Foundation as one of 20 Young Women Scholars who were invited to a research training institute in Montreal, Canada to be mentored by other women scholars. I published my first peer review article in 1980 while I was a doctoral candidate. Altogether, the time I spent as a doctoral student was gratifying and a happy time in my life. As your dissertation consultant, I would like to help you feel the same.

Here are some of the benefits of working with me as your dissertation consultant.

1. I have a wealth of expertise in research. I am the president of Words & Numbers Research, Inc. which I founded in 1984. The firm has offered consultation on and conducted hundreds of research and evaluation studies. Before that, I was Associate Professor at the University of Connecticut where I taught undergraduate and graduate level Research Methods and acted as a consultant to faculty and students on their research. I have published in peer review journals, and have five books and several research grants to my credit. For more information on my background and the books and journal articles I have published, you can review my resume.

2. I have a great track record. As a dissertation methodology and statistics consultant, I have personally consulted with hundreds of doctoral students to complete their degrees. I have had students that are located in Iraq, Hawaii, West Virginia and Texas. Many doctoral students were at an impasse with their dissertation research but were able to complete the degree requirements for the doctorate after calling me for consultation on methodology and statistics consultation. I also offered caring support. I saved a few testimonials from my students.

3. I offer caring support. As the only dissertation consultant on this website that you will interact with, I offer students and faculty personalized complete attention and care throughout your research projects. YOU WILL NOT BE PASSED OFF TO ANOTHER CONSULTANT. You will always be able to speak to and interact with me. I am dedicated to helping you because I know how difficult this process can be. All work is confidential. I have a set of promises that I make to my students.

4. I charge an affordable, flat fee for my consultation services - instead of billing hourly charges that can escalate in a short time. You will know upfront what you will be spending so there will be no surprises or disappointments.

5. There is quick turnaround on your work. Your research and statistical dissertation work will be executed quickly and efficiently. This will allow you to get your Ph.D. and research projects completed in less time, without all the stress and without breaking the bank.

6. It is easy to reach me if you have questions or concerns. My office phones are answered 24 hours a day with voicemail. I check phone messages and emails often several times a day. You will not have difficulty reaching me, whether you are in California, Mississippi, New York or Florida. I take my consultant's role very seriously. Here are some of the schools where I consulted on dissertations.

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