Promises that I make to my doctoral students



After working with doctoral students for over 35 years, I have established a set of promises that I make to every person I work with. Here is what you can expect from me as we work together to complete your doctoral degree.

* I will provide caring support and encouragement throughout the dissertation process.

* I will be accessible to you by email, phone or even in my office.

* I will be quick to respond to your emails or phone calls – within 24 hours.

* I will help you to frame your dissertation hypotheses for your proposal.

* I will assist you in determining your research methodology.

* I will provide expert advice on your dissertation statistics and Chapter Four.

* I will offer technical help in designing your instrument especially questionnaires.

* I will run your statistical analyses that answer your research questions.

* I will provide a clear explanation of your statistical findings.

* I will help you problem solve as you make your way toward the finish line.

* I will offer a shoulder to lean on, kind words of support up to your final defense.

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