Words & Numbers Research, Inc.




Words & Numbers Research, Inc. (WNR) is a research and evaluation firm founded in 1984 by its current president Susan Carroll, Ph.D. She is a research methodologist and a former graduate level faculty member at UCONN.  In 1993, the US Small Business Administration chose the company as a model small business.  The firm was featured in a film shown at the Success ‘93 Conferences.


During the 32 years of operation, the firm has designed and executed hundreds of studies for a diversified clientele.  The level of client satisfaction with the quality of the work has been exhibited by the high rate of referral through word-of-mouth testimonials; the firm does not advertise.


The research and evaluation projects have been qualitative and quantitative in nature, as the name of the firm suggests.  The methods have included mail, phone and online surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviewing.  Customer satisfaction, new product/service idea testing, brand awareness, competition analysis, sales force evaluation, employee satisfaction and image assessments are typical studies performed by the consultants.


There have been hundreds of instruments designed with several copyrighted. The two most prominent include: The Health Equity Index (HEI) which was developed by David Carroll for national use in measuring inequities in health outcomes for location, race and ethnicity based on seven social determinants of health. The Carroll Math Index was developed by Susan Carroll to measure the affective domain with respect to mathematics in elementary students (r=.89). The firm has considerable expertise in developing questionnaires that work well and produce substantial information.  Our return /participation rates on surveys exceed industry standards.


Projects have been conducted for many national and multi-national corporations.  (Names of these clients are confidential.)  The National Science Foundation, CBIA, the American Dietetic Association, the US Dept. of Education, the CT. Dept. of Education,  CPTV, the CT Bar Association,  community foundations,  insurance companies, banks, hospitals, public and private schools, universities and colleges, utility companies, and nursing homes have also used the services of Words & Numbers Research, Inc. 


WNR is provided a comprehensive evaluation research study to Kendall Hunt (Iowa), publisher of curriculum materials for grades PreK-12. The research included and pre and post testing of the Intervention group for content acquisition on ten different math units, pre and post cognitive impact between Intervention and Comparison groups with analysis through HLM (Hierarchical Linear Modeling), a teacher satisfaction survey and a student satisfaction survey. The study includes schools in five states and over 500 children.