Here are some practical tips on how to pick your dissertation topic and write a proposal.



1. Select a general dissertation topic before you dive into the library or the Internet and drown in the resources. There are a few questions you should answer before you begin to pick your topic.

2. There are several ways that you can determine if your topic is a good one. Here are some strategies that you can use to assess the value of your dissertation topic.

3. Plan on how you will write the dissertation proposal to get it completed. Allocate days of the week, and hours of the day, when you are alert and fresh. Set a schedule and stick to it.

* Use time management strategies.

* Get a daily calendar and carry it around with you.

* Use the same backpack / briefcase to carry everything related to your dissertation (Laptop, books, notepads, pens, journal articles, etc.)

4. Use multiple library and online resources to establish keywords to get the ball rolling; add keywords as you move along. Research the research in the literature review process. Here are several library and online resources that you can use.

5. Take your time in the library and online when reviewing the literature. Avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes because you were in a hurry. These are the most common errors students make when doing dissertation literature reviews.

6. Use index cards to take notes and to guide your actual proposal writing for the dissertation. It seems antiquated but you can shuffle the cards. They are physical and can be moved in different order.

7. When writing your proposal use an inverted pyramid format (from a broad to a narrow focus). Have a peer read your proposal to see if it makes sense and to evaluate its worth. Here are some tips that you can use to write your proposal properly.

8. Market your proposal (i.e., get it approved) by making it appealing to the reader. (Grammar, spelling, appearance) Have someone read what you wrote and use their feedback as consultation.

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