Choices for your research design and dissertation methodology



"The best statistics cannot save an inferior design! This is the foundation of a good dissertation. "

Research design and dissertation methodology are plans that promote systematic management of statistical data collection. Design and methodology dictate what statistics you need to answer your research questions.

There are many types of research designs for dissertation research. Here are the most common with a simple example to illustrate.

Historical Research Design - The Evolution of the Laptop Computer

Case and Field Research Design - Observations of Autistic Children in the American Classroom

Descriptive or Survey Research Design - The Public View of American and European Leaders

Correlational or Prospective Research - Breastfeeding's Impact on Newborn Development

Causal Comparative or Ex Post Facto Research Design - Maternity Satisfaction with their Hospital Stay

Developmental or Time Series Research Design - Monthly Peer Counseling and the Juvenile Delinquency

Experimental Research Quasi Experimental Research Design - Water with Fluoride and Dental Health

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