Helpful Advice: Dissertation topic resources you can use - at the library and on the Internet



Here are some helpful dissertation topic resources that can assist in your searching of relevant literature, thoroughly and efficiently. Remember to add keywords as you go along with the purpose of "researching the research."

1. Books (Primary and secondary sources)

2. Journals (Professional association, trade journals, popular magazines)

3. Newspapers (New York Times, Wall St. Journal, Washington Post)

4. Videotapes (Your own, documentaries, films)

5. Indices – Ask a Reference Dept. librarian for help to find the right ones. (Reader's Guide, Education Index, Index Medicus, ERIC, etc.)

6. Federal, state, governmental reports (Census Data, Public Health, Dept.of Labor, etc.)

7. Interviews

8. Other doctoral dissertations in your own college or university library

9. Dissertation Abstracts [This is an absolute must for shortening the learning curve!!!] Ask a librarian to help you find this source.

10. Websites

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