from PhD students to whom I have provided consultation and caring support.



There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I could have completed my dissertation, as painlessly, without the help of Dr. Carroll. She provided me sound advice, great statistical help, and a very supportive presence. Whenever I was completely confused about what I should do (which was many, many times), I called Dr. Carroll and she patiently explained what might be a good next step. In my survey, I collected way too much data; she helped me simplify my work so I could complete my document and finally graduate. I always felt she was sincerely interested in my work and my success. I want to thank you for the help you provided me in finishing (!) my dissertation. Again, you were a pleasure to work with. John Hopkins University

Dr. Carroll truly saved the day!  I was in a last minute crunch to finish my dissertation as I was quickly approaching my seven year deadline.  After having a bad experience with a very inexperienced statistician. I was feeling really down and out about trusting someone else.  However, I began researching online and Dr. Carroll’s website appeared.  I knew from the moment she contacted me shortly after my online inquiry that everything was going to work out just fine. Her very positive and caring attitude along with her statistical expertise was just what I needed to complete the final leg of my dissertation.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking excellent support and true professionalism.  Thanks, Dr Carroll! College of Education Nova Southeastern University

Dr. Susan Carroll was instrumental in helping me conduct a solid quantitative research study in support of my dissertation on executive mothers. She was always available to answer my questions and provided excellent consultation and advice. She is knowledgeable and experienced in proven statistical analyses, particularly those most commonly used in dissertations. By working with Dr. Carroll, I felt very prepared to defend my dissertation and would recommend her to anyone!  Dr. Virnitia J. Dixon, CPC

Working with Dr. Carroll proved to be pivotal to my completing the doctoral process. Every step in the work stream from scheduling our phone conferences, reviewing methodology, to data analysis support was efficient and cost effective.  I would refer this service without reservation. Dr. Joseph Conte, PhD, CPHQ Staten Island Performing Provider System

 I finished my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree last year, and would have struggled immensely without Dr. Carroll's assistance and expertise. This is not a primary research dissertation, but the statistics process was similar. Of course, it is so common for students to begin to overthink data, but Dr. Carroll gently nipped that in the bud immediately! She spent time with me through the entire process--from the proposal to the final paper and defense to break things down to a very manageable and rather simple level. As a result, I was able to easily convey the results in my paper during my defense. She even helped me develop the data collection tools, and referred me to some extra (very easy to read) materials that helped prepare me for the defense. She always responded to my emails and kept her appointments. More than this, she is extremely personable, compassionate, warm, and caring (in addition to brilliant). I have to say that if I would have had her as a professor in graduate school for my statistics or research course, I would have had a much better grasp on understanding data many moons ago. Chamberlain College of Nursing

 Dr. Susan Carroll was my statistician during my doctoral journey. Dr. Carroll’s knowledge and expertise was instrumental to the successful completion of my dissertation and oral defense. Dr. Carroll was generous with her time and she distilled the complexities of quantitative analysis into smaller understandable segments. I began my doctoral journey with some background in quantitative analysis, but I realized I did not understand the intricacies associated with completing a quantitative dissertation. My work with Dr. Carroll expanded my knowledge of statistics dramatically. I Recommend Dr. Carroll to any doctoral candidate seeking statistical expertise. University of Phoenix, Jersey City School of Business

 Dr. Carroll is the ultimate professional who takes her profession seriously. Her work ethic, great communication, and attention to detail can greatly improve any aspiring doctoral student's output. I would recommend her for assistance with any challenge faced during the difficult journey when becoming a doctor. North Central University

Dr. Carroll was a tremendous help throughout my dissertation process.  She assisted with the development of my methods, organizing and conducting my study, and the statistical analysis.  She works diligently, is patient and very knowledgeable.  I gained a great deal of insight and understanding through our work together.  It was a blessing to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Carroll.  Doctoral student in Las Vegas

Dr. Carroll greatly assisted me in the completion of my DNP project.   I contacted her through a Google search and was very pleased with the interactions with Dr. Carroll.  I emailed her the written project and explained the outcomes that I was trying to achieve.  Dr. Carroll listened and provided her input on the statistical analysis that would be appropriate for my project.  Additionally, she ensured that I was able to present the statistical analysis and oral interpretation of the data.   I was most pleased with our interactions but most importantly, I completed the project.  My dissertation was successful and I earned my DNP in December 2015.   I highly recommend Dr. Carroll. Doctoral Student in a DNP program

 I had an opportunity to work with Dr. Carroll while completing my doctoral dissertation. Without her help, I would not have been able to finish. She was so easy to work with and words can’t express how grateful I am. Thank you.”  Doctoral Student in Arizona

From the initial discussion with Dr. Carroll, I immediately knew what I was missing in my studies. The excellent discussion helped me crystallize the way forward with my research. I was a little late meeting her but the meeting was invaluable. I’m so glad she came along at the right time. Dr. Carroll is attentive, ethical and understands the challenges of a doctoral student. Doctoral student in Maryland

Dr. Carroll was so easy to work with as she explained everything to me from the beginning phone call to the completed dissertation. Working with her was such a pleasure. I was anxious, panicked in fact, about taking on the methodology and analyzing my results as statistics has never been my strong suit. She reassured that all would be fine, and it was. I would highly recommend Dr. Carroll! I could not have successfully completed my dissertation and earned my degree without her help. Argosy University

I contacted Dr. Carroll for help with the statistics portion of my dissertation. Not only did she provide the technical help, she also provided the moral support needed to push me through the final phase of my dissertation. Dr. Carroll went above and beyond what I expected, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for assistance. I only wish I had known about her services sooner in the process. Northeastern University

The dissertation process can be daunting especially if you are not well versed in statistics. Due to Dr. Carroll’s extensive knowledge in statistics, quantitative methodology, and the doctoral process I was able to create a strong research question and design. Dr. Carroll is extremely responsive and she takes the time to understand your research topic and your goals for your dissertation. Doctoral student in Florida

Panicked, distressed, and tearful are appropriate adjectives to describe my emotional state while trying to figure out how to analyze my dissertation data. I began an active search for a statistician to assist me with this task and found Words & Numbers Research, Inc. Upon speaking with Dr. Carroll, I better understood what method of analysis was appropriate for my data and the rationale for using the particular method. Dr. Carroll was professional, patient, and timely in her provision of the services I needed. In addition, she played a pivotal role in assisting me transition from panicked to confident in writing my data analysis chapter and preparing for my dissertation defense! Doctoral student in Georgia

Dr. Susan Carroll has been instrumental in the development of my dissertation proposal. She took the time to understand my research topic and guided me in selecting the appropriate research method and design for my study. Dr. Carroll possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping students through the doctoral process. She is encouraging and always available to answer even the simplest of questions. At first, conducting a quantitative casual comparative study seemed intimidating but with Dr. Carroll's consulting, I feel confident in the design of my research study. I highly recommend her as an experienced statistician who cares about the success of doctoral students. University of Phoenix

Working with Dr. Carroll was a very positive experience for me. She was very prompt and accurate with the statistical computations needed to help me complete my dissertation. I highly recommend Dr. Carroll to anyone who needs statistical support to complete their research projects. Capella University

I was struggling with my statistics to complete my dissertation. Dr. Carroll helped me with my statistics and also explained the data results so I could understand and interpret them. Without your expertise and support moving forward in this process would not have been possible. Thank you very much. Doctoral student in Mississippi

Could not have finished my thesis without it. The results were complete, concise and more than I expected. Masters’s Degree Nursing Student

Working on a dissertation is not an easy task. Finding the right fit for statistical analysis is fundamental to a successful study. Dr. Carroll provided exceptional statistical analysis to my research. The work accomplished was done in a secure and ethical climate with precise analysis of the research study. Dr. Carroll’s support did not end with the analysis. She provided time for a conference call discussion to discuss the results and to assist in answering questions on the methodology and interpretation of the data. In summary, Dr. Carroll's participation in my dissertation development was key to my defense and ultimately achievement of a published dissertation and completion of my doctoral program. I strongly recommend Dr. Carroll to anyone who is serious in getting it right the first time. Doctoral student in Miami

I tip my hat to Dr. Susan Carroll for her help and advice with my research design and statistical analysis. I could not have navigated the dissertation process and defense without Dr. Carroll’s guidance and expertise. I am truly grateful. Doctoral student in Florida

Being a Ph.D. student had provided me with a unique opportunity to face challenges which I would otherwise never have to face in my lifetime. It has been difficult to find good help along the way, but I was fortunate enough to have a fellow colleague refer me to Dr. Carroll. Dr. Carroll's knowledge is immediately noticeable when you work with her and she has always provided me with immediate feedback at a very reasonable price. I would definitely recommend her to anyone whose strong point is not statistics. Doctoral student in Texas

I was so fortunate to find Dr. Carroll through my various searches online while I was writing my doctoral dissertation. Being an inquisitive and courageous learner, I felt that I need a professional statistician to ensure that my research methods are in sync with my analysis. I actually did couple of searches online for several months, but my instinct keeps directing me to Dr. Carroll after visiting her website. I picked up the courage and called her, behold, the connection was there and our reasoning sounds alike. I said in my mind; let me give her a trial. At the end, the trial turned out to be a blessing in disguise. She offered a lot of valuable statistical guidance, even beyond what she originally promised. She was there for me whenever I call and her email response was fast. Her overall guidance was imaginable which triggered a long-term relationship for future academic collaboration and networking. Once again, thank you Dr. Carroll for contributing to my academic journey. Doctoral student in Maryland

Hello Dr. Carroll. I am a Psychology student. I have just started my third year in the honors program, which includes two courses which I find difficult - Research Methods and Data Analysis. Both rely on a strong understanding of, and proficiency in statistics. While doing my homework this evening using SPSS, I started to believe I was in over my head and after searching for answers using books and Internet queries I felt even more defeated. My understanding of statistics became more and more hopeless. Then I came across your website. It presents information in a very straight forward, non-jargon-filled manner. It's exactly what I have been (desperately) looking for! It appears as if it will be my "go to" resource to get some traction in these two courses. If you ever decide to write a book, I'm in line. Brock University in Ontario, Canada

Susan Carroll consulted with me for over one and a half years on the statistical section of my Ph.D. dissertation. She also provided valuable support on all aspects of the dissertation process. Her services have been invaluable to the successful completion of my degree. University of Massachusetts

I cannot thank you enough for everything you've done. I would never make it to graduation had I not found you. I really feel that I was blessed to have found you. With all that has happened to me during this process. I'm amazed that I even arrived here. If I had not found you, I probably would have just folded under pressure and remained ABD. University of Central Florida

I had the honor to work with Dr. Carroll as I completed my doctoral dissertation. Dr. Carroll has distinct command of research methodology. She is a sensitive and caring mentor. She understands the anxiety and exhaustion that doctoral students often experience. Her genuine kindness, patience and encouragement make her an exceptional advisor. Her infectious enthusiasm, positive attitude and energy cause students to embrace the process rather than see it as a negative experience. Andrews University

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