Have your dissertation read by an independent reviewer.



Having your dissertation read by an independent reviewer is an important factor in quality control. This final piece of advice for writing your dissertation is probably the last thing you will want to hear but it is something I would strongly urge.

Reviewing your dissertation is not the easiest thing for you at this stage. But it is one of the most critical steps in producing the final document. You are tired of this whole process. You have done a lot of work. And you want to be finished. But, as a doctoral student, you have been married to this work for months and even years. You may be too familiar with the subject matter or too impressed with your own writing style. As a result, sufficient detail may be lacking in the explanation of some findings or too much abstract language used in others.

Typographical errors leave a bad impression and take away from your credibility. If words are misspelled, or there are grammatical errors, this can only work against you –regardless of the quality of the dissertation research you are presenting.

Have a colleague, a family member or friend read your report as a critical reviewer before it goes to the next step. It may save a lot blood, sweat and tears. You have climbed the highest mountain and are almost at the top. Don’t let this last step be a backward climb.

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