Helpful Advice: Use a standard organizational framework to format the dissertation text.



When you begin to write your findings, I strongly advise you to address the dissertation format. Look at what your institution requires. Look at other students' dissertations. Use a standard organizational framework to format the dissertation text. Organization is important for telling your story – for explaining what your dissertation research and statistics have uncovered.

You also need to help your advisors stay connected to your findings. The Committee needs to follow a logical sequence to understand the purpose of the study, why certain decisions were made and how findings were arrived at. A well-constructed dissertation narrative will provide the Committee with all of the necessary information regarding the reasons for the research and the hypotheses to be answered, the scope of the methodology, the research design strategy and the samples and sizes, the methods of data collection and the instruments, the groups involved, the findings, summary comments and recommendations.

This is the skeleton of any good story - a beginning, middle, and an ending. A report of your study should have the methodology in the beginning, what you found out in the middle and what the results mean at the end. This is a logical thought process that any Committee Advisor can accept. Your job is to help them do this by the way you present your findings.

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