Help with Choosing your Data Collection Instruments



You need help because there are many dissertation data collection instruments to consider. Your choice on which one to use should focus on one major factor. Is the tool able to measure the variables in the research questions you have stated in your proposal? This is the most important question to ask. As simple as it sounds, many doctoral students use instruments with bells and whistles that do not focus on their variables! Don’t get seduced by the instrument. Make sure it works for your dissertation research. Here are some of the possibilities.

Here are some helpful categories of data collection instruments:

*All Types of Questionnaires

*Focus Groups

*Scientific Equipment (Scale, Thermometer)

*Aptitude Tests

*IQ Tests

*Attitude Tests

*Achievement Tests

*Existing Records


*Mastery Tests

*Personality Tests

*Leadership Tests

*Focus Groups

*Interest Inventories

*Organizational Tests

*Observation Checklists

*Performance Evaluations

*Employee Satisfaction Tools

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