Helpful Advice: Keep the text concise and to the point.



Doctoral dissertations do no have to be three inches thick or 500 pages long. Use concise text that is to the point. Most Committee advisors reading your doctoral dissertation do not want to spend a lot of time doing so. They want to get a handle on the dissertation statistics, findings and research recommendations, and get on with their lives

Some doctoral students bury a main finding in so much verbiage that the reader becomes confused or misses it altogether. Sometimes two points are grouped together, also adding to confusion. If the point is worth making, the Committee will pick up on it.

As simple as it sounds, make your points one at a time. Keep the text simple, clear and readable without run on sentences and extraneous descriptive language. High-sounding language is not impressive and will only diminish the impact of your findings.

Make the paragraphs straightforward. Boil it down, and then boil it down again. If the tables are well-conceived, a lot of narrative is unnecessary. Do not add statistical jargon. If it is absolutely essential, make it user friendly by defining it and its purpose. Otherwise, leave it out.

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